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Fish: Red Porgy

Name: Red Porgy

Scientific: Pagrus Pagrus

Rate: 160287

Avg Wgt(lbs): 2.3

Avg Len(in): 10.9

About Red Porgy

The only American porgy with a near nostril that is round (not slit-like)
Head and body silvery red, with many tiny blue spots
Adult red porgy are found on the deeper part of the continental shelf, but young may occur in water as shallow as 18 m (60ft.).
State Record:
This species is not currently eligible for a state record.

South Atlantic Federal Regulations

(For areas ranging from three to 200 miles off the coasts of NC, SC, GA, and East Florida)

Limited access permit required.
14" TL size limit.
January through April, sale or purchase is prohibited and possession is limited to 3 per person per day or per trip, whichever is more restrictive. Commercial trip limit of 120 fish per trip the rest of the year. 2008 NMFS Fishery Bulletin Reminder
Gear restrictions apply.
The following changes to the commercial regulations were effective October 23, 2006:

Commercial trip limit of 120 fish during May through December.
Commercial quota = 127,000 lbs gutted weight.

14" TL size limit.
Daily bag limit = 3 per/person effective October 23, 2006. See updated Recreational Regulations Summary (pdf) on the Regulations by Species homepage.
Gear restrictions apply.

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